Vanilla Frappe Smoothie

How to have a healthy start during a cross-country move? Smoothies! We packed frozen kale, vanilla protein powder, iced coffee, coconut oil and acacia fiber along with our Magic Bullet for a nutrient dense Frappe Smoothie every morning. Kale offers important antioxidants and phytonutrients, protein powder grounds our blood sugar and provides us with amino acids to develop mood-stabilizing neurotransmitters, coconut oil lubricates our brains and keeps us full, and acacia fiber is a resistant starch that feeds the gut microbiome and promotes satiety. And coffee because #roadtrip. This yummy smoothie keeps us full for hours, so the only ones snacking are the kids!

Vanilla Frappe Smoothie (single serve)

1 handful kale, fresh or frozen

1 scoop vanilla protein powder

1/2-1 T acacia fiber

1/2-1 T coconut oil

Fill to line with iced coffee (in a Magic Bullet, roughly 10 ounces)

Blend well. Pour over ice and go!

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