Fat Bombs. Superfood Bites. Whatever.

Sometimes you need a quick snack to keep you focused and energized throughout your day. These treats will do it! Call them whatever you want, but these little balls are nutritional powerhouses disguised as snacks. With a combination of protein, fat and fiber, packed with your favorite flavor, these snacks will be perfect to grab and go when you’re running errands or playing soccer-mom chauffeur. You won’t experience the hypoglycemic exhaustion or “hangry” attitude if you have a batch of these waiting. Again, there are a million recipes online, so have fun finding your favorites!

Here are the basic elements that you need to make your own Fat Bomb/Superfood Bite/Whatever. Remember, every time we eat, we need to include protein, fat and fiber…

The protein will ground your blood sugar and provide essential amino acids to build up your neurotransmitter health and more. Gelatin and collagen in particular are valuable gut-healers. Natural saturated fats like coconut or grass-fed butter are anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. They provide the body with energy, and lubricate the brain. Fiber feeds your gut microbiome, promotes satiety, and keeps waste moving. And these balls are sweetened without refined sugar or other high-glycemic sweeteners that will cause blood sugar spikes or inflammation. If you’re not sensitive to blood sugar spikes, feel free to try to sweeten these with honey or maple syrup. Just remember, a little goes a long way!

These ones I made are a Trim Healthy Mama recipe from the cookbook Trim Healthy Table, page 424. I used my favorite whey protein powder and dipped them in stevia-sweetened chocolate melted in the microwave.

They are delicious, and perfect for those moments when I just need something so I don’t take out my hangry on my kids. I know I’m fueling my body with nutrition and not damaging the only body God gave me with a sugar overload. Let me know what your favorite recipe is!

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